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Making huge changes to your lifestyle because you have a weakness or vulnerability is hard enough. But when you are a Christian, there are additional pressures that you face because of your beliefs.

As Christians, we may feel that we are supposed to be better than others because we have God in our lives and the power of Christ is all sufficient. This can lead to us denying, or hiding our problems. If you have been doing this, I understand your suffering. But I want you to know that your strategy of denial or hiding will have produced other difficutlies that have added to the initial problem.

I hope that you will give some time and thought to this approach and wish you all the best in your journey. Over recent years of study and practice I have become convinced that you will benefit from this approach.

How it works

This approach to overcoming your issues, including recovering from dependence and addiction, depression and anxiety, is based on the  teachings of Jesus straight from the word of God. As well as the latest neuroscience as it catches up with the word of God.

About Us

Building Recovery is a Christian Recovery approach that is tried and tested among individuals and groups. It is based upon the Bible and uses Jesus’ own example. Dave Cooper is a Christian and a psychotherapist with over twenty years professional experience. As an individual you will benefit from all the free resources on this site and it’s connections. If you are a Church or Christian organisation you can get fully supported in running the course with your own groups.



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our Mission & Vision

Our aim is to help you outgrow your dependency

As Christians we should never be surprised when science catches up with the Bible and Jesus’ teachings. That process may be more true in our age than any other. Whilst scientists the world over are now saying that we simply could not be here without intelligent design, other scientists in the field of neuroscience are showing us the evidence that we are made in God’s image. That we are multifacted, just like God. This is challenging hundreds of years of medical understanding. I want to encourage you that you can recover from any dependency without the use of psychiatry, psychology or counselling!

By using the Lords teachings and understanding how to work with yourself instead of against yourself you will outgrow your difficulties and experience freedom like you have never known it before. Handle situations with ease that you once considered impossible.  Live life to the full the way you were designed to.

Want to know more? All the resources on this site are free to you as an individual. If you are part of a Church or Charity that wants to run the Building Recovery Course you can apply for the training modules and video sessions. 

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Dave Cooper

My new book “I’m a Christian, so why am I still…” is coming out soon.

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