The Building Recovery Course

with Dave Cooper

All eight Sessions of the Building Recovery Course

About us

Before you get to the course material

Here are a couple of short videos. First, a short history about the Author

The Course Origins

Before you get to the course material

Here are a couple of short videos about the author, as well as the origins of the course

Session One

This is the first of eight sessions

It covers the first stage of preparation and asks about three important considerations, Cost, Location and Design

Session Two

This is the second of eight sessions

It covers the important aspects of boundaries

Session Three

This is the third of eight sessions

This is the first time we look at what a foundation is and what it does. In particular we cover the idea of solidity.

Session Four

This is the fourth of eight sessions

Having looked at the idea of solidity in the third session we now look at the idea of stability. 

Session Five

This is the fifth of eight sessions

In this and the next session we look at the ground floor. The main word here is ‘normality’. What it is and how to grow through it.

Session Six

This is the sixth of eight sessions

In this session we look at the two main problems people have in building a ground floor. Building too fast or two slow. We also cover the idea of what materials we are going to use to build with.

Session Seven

This is the seventh of eight sessions

This session covers the main differences between this and the previous building. It is where therapy becomes life coaching and we see the view from the upper windows

Session Eight

This is the final session and talks more around the subject of what you are going to do with your recovered self! What is the vision God has given you and how are you seeing it.

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