The Medical Model

This approach is not based upon the 'medical model'. It does not ask "what is wrong with you"? It shows you what is right with you! As well as teaching you the way to think about yourself in a more Christ Centred way. It will show you the resources you already have at your disposal, and the reasons you have not been using them fully.

For the flesh desires what is contrary to the Spirit, 

and the Spirit what is contrary to the flesh. 

They are in conflict with each other, 

so that you are not to do whatever you want.

Galatians 5:17

 For more on this subject click here. It is so important that we understand the principles found in the Bible. To fully understand and work with these principles we must first tackle the issue of metaphor in the Bible. I say this not because metaphor is a bad thing, or because people do not understand it. Rather I say it because of one particular problem I see a lot in Church teaching. This is the way we understand the metaphor of fighting

 When you heard preaching on the parable of the sower I’m sure none of you thought of yourselves as soil! When Jesus says he is the way, he is not saying he is made of tarmacadam! You naturally understood that these were metaphors. But there is something about the idea of fighting a battle that encourages people to forget that this is a metaphor just like the rest! I think it’s because the medical model has us so busy believing that we need to get rid of ‘wrong things’ in our lives. This medical idea resonates so well with scriptures about battles that we mistake the metaphor for the real thing.

 In Galatians 5, verse 17 quoted above, the more modern the version of the Bible you read, the more the language of fighting is used. Where the older versions use a more measured approach, saying that the spirit and the flesh are ‘contrary’ to one another. Modern versions tend to be more material saying that “there is a constant battle raging between them”. This is important when considering your thoughts on this approach because modern Churches tend to teach from more ‘modern’ Bible translations.

The point here is that as long as you are fighting this battle you are a ‘house divided against itself’ (Matt12:22) and you miss the growth and learning you need to make progress. More on this later along with other problems that fighting with yourself can bring but, for now, I’m asking you to consider the idea that scripture does not ask us to fight with ourselves, but to understand that there are parts of us in opposition.     

 There was a battle in heaven and Satan and his followers were ejected. There was a battle for your soul and Jesus won that one for you. So I want to encourage you that the battle is the Lords (2 Chron 20:15). I could go on. But let me move away from persuading you against this idea and move towards the example we will be using almost exclusively. In this approach the main example you will be following will be the way Jesus managed and taught the Disciples. 

Did Jesus fight with the disciples? No! Was what Jesus taught in opposition to the way the disciples were living? YES! One possible reason why the Lord came down to earth at the time when Israel was occupied by the Romans was to show us that fighting was not the way. Even when they wanted and expected that their King would stand up against the Romans and defeat them, he did not. He told the disciples to pray for their enemies!

Even though he had a much better understanding of their sinfulness than they did, he did not fight with them but loved them and taught them. Slowly but surely creating harmony between them. Helping them trust him as their Lord and Saviour. You have begun to do the same thing within yourself and now it’s time to use this improved relationship to face the challenges of the outside world.

Whatever substance or behaviour you have become dependent upon your recovery will be based upon your growth and progress as a person. Psalm 40 reminds us that the Lord will lift us out of the mire and put a new song in our mouth. He will set our feet upon a rock and will give us a firm place to stand.

Mission & Purpose

How long have you been fighting with your issues? No matter what those issues are, you will probably have been told many times to fight them! You may have been told that you are not fighting the right way, or that you are not trying hard enough to overcome. Or, even worse, you may have been told that you do not have enough faith. This may have led to you being angry, dissapointed or ashamed with yourself.

Since my own recovery journey started in 1984 I have been learning about what works and what doesn’t. I want you to know that the days of you fighting and blaming yourself are numbered! Using this approach you will learn to be a good friend to yourself. You will learn what it means to fully accept that the Lord is living within you and is truly the ‘God of Gods’.

If you are an individual that has struggled with issues for years then this approach will offer you a biblically based model in which you will learn the art of ‘inner discipling’. If you are a Chuch or Christian leader that has been called to shepherd a flock then your recovery will become part of your testimony. If you are a Church or Charity that engages with addicts and dependent people, this approach will provide you with all the tools you need to present those you serve with a coherent path forwards.

Below is a video going into more detail and includes references to authoritative links. I have included the numbered links here.

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