Reverse addiction

this section will offer you support if you are living with a family member or friend that is addicted. You will learn how to manage your own Christ centred recovery

Here is the first in this series on reverse addiction.  In this video we introduce the term, explain the difference between this approach and the medical approach.

Here is the second in this series on reverse addiction. In this video, we get into more of the depth around this issue. We look at the aspects of this such as imitation, psuedo spirituality and the general selfishness of this motivation. We also look at the idea of attraction to someone who is leaning more towards the addict side.

Here is the third in this series on reverse addiction. In this episode we are looking at Luke 15 and the Prodigal. Particularly the pattern of dysfunction as it applies to the mirroring of addiction and reverse addiction. For a more ‘in depth’ look at the Prodigal son click this link