The Prodigal

But we had to celebrate and be glad, because this brother of yours was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found. Luke 15:32

Everything you need to know about addiction, dependence, family dysfunction and recovery, is in this story! 

If you were considering advising someone on what the Bible has to say about addiction and recovery, dependence and family dysfunction, you would probaby point them towards the psalms or proverbs, or maybe some of the stories from the Old Testament about how families behaved and treated each other. You probably wouldn’t be considering the story about the Prodigal in Luke 15. How many sermons have you heard on this story? Probably many, it’s one of the most well known Parables in the Bible. Even non Christians often know the reference. It’s usually about the Fathers love and second chances etc. I’m not here to disagree with one word of those messages, I’m here to say that I have dug into this parable as a therapist and recovery coach and what I have found is amazing! There is a whole sub-text here that teaches us about the addictive cycle and isolation, family dysfunction rock bottoms and recovery. Below is a video series that covers the parable verse by verse. Hope you get a lot out of it.


The Prodigal Son

A video series on the Parable of the Prodigal Son


In the first of this short series we are learning that this story is relational, it’s about family.


In the second video in this short series we look at the way the younger son had been thinking prior to his request. He is already being described as someone who was isolated. This connects s to the idea of the dead world and the living world.


In the third video in this short series we look at the idea of what is the nature of ‘distance’ in this story, as well as the way we relate to the world when we are isolated.


In the fourth video in this short series we look at the way that any unheathy pattern or strategy will lead to some form of disaster. None of the relationships were ‘real’ and so they were quickly lost.

VERSE 15 and 16

In the sixth video in this short series we are now looking at the nature of ‘rock bottoms’. As well as the more serious consequences of his decisions.

VERSE 17-18-19-20

In the seventh video in this short series we take our first look at the ‘multifacted’ nature of the Human being. Being made in Gods own image. As well as a look at the difference between traditional and modern versions of the Bible.

VERSE 21-22-23-24

In the eighth video in this short series we are now introduced to the relational nature of the story when we see God’s love. The son is now emerging from the dead world. We notice that every decision he makes after ‘again turning to himself’ is perfect.

VERSE 25 onwards

In the final video in this short series we finish by looking at the idea of ‘reverse addiction’ in the form of the brothers attitude. All this time the older brother has looked much better than the younger but now we see that his attitude is no more spiritual than his brother, but is mirrored or ‘reversed’.